Find A Funeral Facility for Your Loved One

How Do You Find a Funeral Home For Your Dearly Departed?

It’s a daunting task, your family member or friend has passed and you have been put in charge of making their final arrangements. Perhaps they did not leave instructions in a will, or maybe they explicitly asked that you be in control of their final resting place. Whatever the reason, you are already grieving the loss of this person that was incredibly important to you and now you have to keep your head together and make sure that their final needs are taken care of in the best possible way. So what can you do to make that process easier?


  1. Ask Around

Your friends or coworkers may have recently dealt with a death in their family, and will certainly understand what is going on with you. They may be a great resource to ask about experiences they have had with a particular funeral home, and they can let you know if they had the best experience or not. You will want second opinions of course, and you will want to call and schedule an appointment with a Funeral Services Director from whatever location your friend or coworker give you, but you are at least a step above calling random businesses in the phone book.

2. Read Online Reviews

When you have a few locations on a personal checklist you are maintaining, be sure to check what resources are available online. Especially check to see if the venue has reviews on places like Google+, Yelp, Angie’s List, or local review websites in your area. Many times businesses will have many reviews available to read but people hardly spend any time looking before they call, and they are overlooking an opportunity to see if there have been past problems with a business or disgruntled customers who had a bad experience and talk about it thoroughly in a review. Always check the reviews!

3. Find a Trusted Resource

In recent years, a number of resources have become available in niche markets that specialize in finding high quality businesses and featuring them in a resource that covers States and Cities in the United States. One such resource is Funeral Home Finder and they have a Twitter, as well as their YouTube Channel here:

Sites and groups like this have already done the hard working of finding the trusted businesses in your city (or a nearby town) and put their contact information and business info at your finger tips waiting to be found. You can be sure that a website like FHF has researched and talked to the businesses they are reporting on and have brought forth an experienced company that will serve your needs.

4. Find One Through Your Church

This certainly could be a great option if you are regularly attending a local Church, or if your loved one had attended the church before they passed on. You may already have a feel for the venue, and the people involved; and may have a relationship with the Pastor who can perform the service. Additionally the church will likely have a space where a reception can take place afterward, and no one will have to drive to multiple locations during the proceedings.